Science and Humanities

Department of Science & Humanities is a multidisciplinary department and it started functioning with a team of dedicated faculty members who have been actively engaged in imparting quality teaching of the courses in basic science and humanities for graduating engineering students. The core courses offered being Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Environmental science. Apart from these undergraduate courses, the department is also pursuing research activities in the above mentioned disciplines. Currently the department is having research scholars in various subjects. Department of Science & Humanities also started an integrated Masters programme in Material Science which is deemed to be highly specialized in various aspects and will definitely enhance advanced academic research in future.

The department of Science & Humanities welcomes committed minds to join hands to build a strong dynamic and wholesome department. The department of Science & Humanities fosters a diverse yet very unique and distinctive role in a technological institute like NIT-Nagaland. The pursuit of holistic science and technological knowledge would rather be incomplete without consideration of liberal arts, economics, social, behavioural sciences and allied sciences. It is an endeavor of this department so that students find application of science to everyday life, moral and social understanding.

At present subjects like Chemistry, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Physics etc. are engaged by the department. Apart from the under-graduate courses, research curriculum (Ph. D. Programme) has already been put to roll for both Science and Social Science subjects. Besides, one integrated Master programme (BS MS programme) in Materials Science is also continuing in the department since 2014. Admission to this programme is done as per the provisions of Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB), which governs the entire admission programme to B. Tech courses.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become a center for excellence in academic productivity. The department strives to create awareness about scientific advancement vis-a-vis social transformations both at the academic and research front. The department also strives to render fruitful service to the nation & mankind with its social and scientific quest. In doing so, the department of Science & Humanities envisions to establish its presence globally.

Keeping in view the core objectives of becoming a true leader for academic excellence and scientific innovations, the mission of the department is identified as:

  • Promotion of advanced teaching learning methods and quality research at individual, department and institutional level through modern teaching learning tools.
  • To generate all the facilities for advancement of quality research in all its related field so as to boldly face the global competitiveness.
  • Introduce and update newer advanced courses both at graduate and post graduate level.
  • To ensure ecological and social obligations by creating awareness among the local mass, following the principles of sustainable development