Dr. Rosang Pongen

Assistant Professor
Ph.D from NIT Nagaland

Areas of Interest: Material Science, Material Characterization, Optimization, Metal casting, Mechatronics, Automation, Metal forming, and Sustainable Engineering.


Dr. Thingujam Jackson Singh

Assistant Professor
Ph.D From NERIST, Nirjuli [characterzition of Natural Fiber based FRP Composites]
M. Tech, Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Automation. Email:jackson_thingujam@yahoo.com
Areas of Interest:Advanced and non-conventional manufacturing; Characterization of composite materials; Optimization of manufacturing processes using soft computing techniques
Specialization: Production and Material Science Engineering


Dr. Amit Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (National Institute of Technology Silchar)
Email: amit.kumar965@yahoo.com, amit.me@nitnagaland.ac.in
Areas of Interest: Design, Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Soft computing, Modelling and Simulation.