Thermal Laboratory provides lot of opportunity to the students to study different types of IC engine, boiler performance study and to do their innovative projects. The performance test, heat balance test, the retardation test and emission test can be carried in variety of IC engines like petrol/diesel fueled with single/double/multi cylinder engines with modern mechanical/electrical/hydraulic loading devices. List of equipment:

Laboratory Incharge - Dr. Rosang Pongen

Sl.No. Description Instruments/Softwares
1 Computerized Four Stroke Three Cylinder Water Cooled Petrol Engine Test Rig
The experimental capabilities includes the Morse test on multi cylinder engine and determining of brake horse power.
Make:Legion Brothers
2 Computerized Variable compression ratio multi fuel engine test rig
The experimental capabilities includes performance test on four stroke multi fuel engine, performance test on variable compression ratio engine and also to change the fuel injection timing and study the effect on engine performance.
Make:Legion Brothers
3 Computerized Four Stroke Four Cylinder Water Cooled Diesel Engine Test Rig
This setup consist of an engine mounted on a sturdy base frame. The engine and the dynamometer are coupled using standard tyre coupling. Used for the performance test on four stroke multi fuel engine with data acquisition system and software for engine combustion analysis and performance.
Make:Legion Brothers
4 Computerized Steam Power Plant
Experimental capabilities includes study of steam generators and turbines. Performance and energy balance test on steam generators. Performance and energy balance test on steam turbines.
Make:Legion Brothers