The objective of this lab is to impart practical knowledge on design and analysis of mechanisms in the machine tools. In Dynamics of machines Laboratory, the students are doing the experiments related to their theory subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Machines and Mechanisms and Fundamentals of Vibration and Noise. Various equipment like governors, gyroscopes, balancing machines and universal vibration testing facilities are available to understand machine dynamics.

Laboratory Incharge - Dr. Thingujam Jackson Singh

Sl.No. Description Instruments/Softwares
1 Coriollis Component of acceleration
To find out the Coriollis acceleration of component and the speed rating at different water flow rate
Make: Mohan Brothers
2 Universal Vibration Apparatus
To study the vibrations in simple pendulum, bar pendulum, Bi-filer suspension and longitudinal vibrations.
Make: Mohan Brothers
3 Journal Bearing apparatus
To study the pressure profile of lubricating oil at various condition of load and speed.
Make: Mohan Brothers
4 Motorized Gyroscope apparatus
To study the gyroscopic effect of a rotating disc.
Make: Mohan Brothers
5 Motorized Governor apparatus
Determination of characteristic curves of radius of rotation against controlling force for all governors.
Make: Mohan Brothers
6 Whirling of shaft apparatus
To find out critical speed experimentally and to compare the whirling speed of a shaft with theoretical values.
Make: Mohan Brothers