Departmental Activity

The Department aims to achieve excellence by establishing well equipped laboratories in the core areas of Electrical Engineering like Electrical Machines, Power Systems and Power Electronics. The department is to produce its first batch of graduates by June 2014. The students here work on creative application projects with innovative design. The faculty members of the department have utmost responsibility in teaching the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering to achieve high standards of education and in inculcating research interests. Research is focused in the areas of Smart Electric Grids, Distributed Generation, Application of Soft Computational Techniques in Power Systems, Industrial Drives, Networked Control Systems and Distributed Service Models for Power System Analysis.

To be recognized among the frontiers in the fields of electrical engineering across the world. The department envisages to develop graduates geared up in design, analysis and implementation with evolving technologies by affording an inspiring and conducive environment to learn and practice.
  • Shape the young minds with recent advancements in engineering and technology and sound fundamental knowledge to meet the global needs and market competition.
  • Establish application based state of art laboratories with research facilities where students can practice and evolve new ideas and findings.
  • Develop academic and professional discipline among the students to set them towards right kind of aspiration and goal.
  • Disseminate the knowledge with ICT and encourage learning through practical oriented approach.