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Full paper submission guidelines:

Full paper received against accepted abstract will be reviewed by peer-review to analyze the suitability of publication as journal article (International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology & Nanosystem Physics, Chemistry, Mathematiucs) or as book chapter (world Scientific Publications).

Authors are encouraged to submit their full paper on or before 15th November 2016, in the standard format followed by journal articles. The full-text paper is a comprehensive summary of your research study. It should begin with an introduction that reflect the basic aim of your research along with discussions from current and relevant literature related to the work presented. Introduction part will be followed by methodology section which include details of the methodology used. Result and discussion part should describe in more detail the outcomes or results achieved, as well as any findings, recommendations or conclusions drawn from the study. All references should be incorporated at the end, in any standard journal format.

Authors are further requested to note the following points:

  • Font 'Times New Roman', 12 Pt font size, uniformly with double spacing.
  • Full paper should be submitted only in 'doc' or 'docx' format and not in 'pdf' format.
  • Full paper file name should include abstract ID and name of the presenting author.
  • Authors can mail their full paper as an attached document to the email ID: convenor.icetnmst@gmail.com. Subject portion of the mail should include the abstract ID for Poster or Oral presentation.
  • In case of selection for publication in a specific journal referred above, authors may have to resubmit the paper according to the format of referred journal or book chapter. The same will be intimated to the author well in advance.
  • Any further communication related to full paper submission can be made to the email ID referred above with proper reference of the abstractID.